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Mixed Martial Arts Comedy Roast A Success !


The idea of the 'MMA Roast' is big in the mixed martial arts community. Convicted Artist has given it their best shot to introduce and combine comedy with MMA and successfully succeeded too...

That said, a couple of the 'roasters' - particularly The Greg Wilson, Ron Yacovetti, and Amir K really entered into the spirit of things and brought to the table some very funny and well crafted close to the bone jokes. The remaining comedian line up was also great and included some of the best gag writers in the business including Dante and Eliot Chang. It was some of these more risky gags that helped us forgive the weaknesses, and made us pleased we've showed up to watch.

A special mention here for Kimo Leopoldo, Mighty Mo, Dave Cryer, Richard Schiller, Saad Awad, and Georgi Karakhanyan who so far have proved to be the best sports and clearly enjoyed themselves.


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The cozy Jon Lovitz Comedy Club in Universal City, California, was filled by the evening's end and a good time was had by all in attendance.

Benny Henderson Jr. was there and was part of the comedic segment of the evening; as well as an endless chorus line of comedy, different styles, different looks and great fun.

The girls were beauties and actually made the evening funnier; engaging the comedians and becoming a show of its own within a night of acts! A great idea by Creative Director Steven Arredondo to incorporate the girls!

Held in benefit of the La Habra Boxing Foundation, the night was a huge success. David Martinez, owner of the La Habra Boxing Club, which was damaged by a fire this past year, is one of the most highly decorated Vietnam vets in California and a great trainer and friend to the sport. -Fightin Words Radio


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