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The Greg Wilson

The Greg WilsonThe Greg Wilson is a favorite comedian and TV personality on VH1, MTV Tr3s, TLC, ABC Radio, “Red-Eye” and a popular headliner of comedy clubs, festivals and casinos across the country. His numerous stand-up television appearances include Showtime’s “White Boyz in the Hood,” Comedy TV, and “Comics Unleashed” with Byron Allen.

Greg guest starred on “Modern Family,” “Bones,” “Ugly Betty,” “Law & Order,” and “Third Watch.” He completed a pilot for NBC, Comedy Coliseum, and a leading role opposite Joel David Moore and Paris Hilton in the box office bomb, “The Hottie and the Nottie.”


Everything but the…
“The Greg is a freakin’ genius. His improvisational skills are absolutely deadly and I believe he will be a huge star.” – David Blaustein, entertainment producer/correspondent, ABC News Radio

“The Greg Wilson is funnier than just about any comic out there today. He might possibly be the wildest comic ever (and that includes Sam Kinison)!” – Greg Gutfeld, Host, Red-Eye (FOX News)

“He’s a master of improvisation, a Jedi in facial contortions, an expert in fluffing, and class act who’s one step away from imminent stardom.” – Ryan McCormick, L.I. Entertainment News


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