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Art of Comedy

paul-bryan-jr-artistNewport Beach Artist Paul Bryan Jr. specializes in portraits of famous celebrities, admirable philosophers and significant U.S. Presidents. Bryan who considers himself a self taught artist says that his hyper-realistic style of art came as result of his love for Oriental Art paired with Western pop-culture. His wide painting collection of admirable super stars such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Axle Rose and many others have been displayed at American and European museums worldwide. Dozens of well known actors, musicians and politicians own his fantastic paintings including David Lee Roth who selected one of Paul Bryan’s master pieces for one of his album covers. “Having my art on the cover of the “David Lee Roth’s Greatest Hits” is an honor” said Paul Bryan Jr. For more Paul Bryan Jr. painting visit his official website at ConvictedArtist.com

Social Distortion
“A captivating artist with creative techniques, emotional style and the perseverance of a true leader and visionary”
-Casey Royer (D.I. / Social Distortion / Adolescent)

The State of California / Office of the Governor
“It is a tremendous honor” “Please accept my best wishes for every future success and happiness”
-Arnold Schwarzenegger